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Reliance Jio 4G Phone : Reliance Industries Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani announced the Launch of INDIA KA SMART Phone Jio 4G at the 40th annual general meeting (AGM) on July 21.The main purpose of this phone is to transfer feature phone users into the smarter device users. It transforms the lives of 50 crore feature phone users.Mukesh Ambani said in his speech VOICE CALL on jio phone 4g will be absolutely FREE. He said before jio phone booking online Jio came in India the data consumption was about 20 crore GB per month but after releasing Jio it was increased to 120 crore GB per month.There is 78 crore phone users, out of this 50 crore feature phone users are not able to afford for Internet or Data usage.
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Whether revolutionary or gadgets, Snapchat the connected glasses of our attention - and the public - through the ball marketing year.

You have not seen any American media have exclusive Shows of Snapchat for a test? It's normal. Snap.Inc believes that its product must produce a surprise to each of its customers happy and in fact the company does not distribute to intensive test sessions. Instead, Snap has even made a marketing operation very developed to make the purchase of Shows as complicated but fun.

snapchat geofilters

In fact, if we wanted to we get to provide a test of the famous glasses we could not, because they are not available for sale online but sold the famous Snapbots .

The snapbots are funny itinerant shops that crisscross the United States, which are the unique sales Entertainment interfaces. Bots do not spend more than one day in a place that is unveiled on Snapchat interactive map in real time. And the future route of the American tour of the robotic store is unknown to common mortals.

Each new outlet is released 24 hours before arrival based bot. Bots in question were created by teams Snap.Inc and are real attractions, with a story-telling well-oiled: sellers robots can sleep for hours before starting. Snap says they are tired by their journey balloons (sic).

In the wake, a customer must get in front of the robot which can then address him. And with a front camera, customers can try augmented reality different models of Entertainment. Then, with a credit card, the customer terminates its purchase and in the robot's mouth a pair of precious glasses.

So naturally, this distribution strategy to drop the goods account establishes a genuine alternative market. Thus, a website ( www specshop co ) proposes to be the marketplace of shows their happy owners to sell gold. While their original price is $ 129.90, we can find on Craigslist models to $ 1,000!

Dealers explain having waited for hours to get a pair of glasses connected. Among the crowd rushes to the outlets and the wayward robot, the buying experience can be rather confusing. The treasure hunt to find the Grail is launched in any case, and Snap.Inc seems well decide to continue as bold strategy that frustrating.